9 Creative Ways to Integrate Sponsorships Into a Virtual Event

28 mai 2020

From games and giveaways to exclusive content, here’s how brands can incorporate their messaging into digital events and conferences.

Without an actual physical space to showcase sponsor branding and messaging, virtual events can pose a unique problem when it comes to monetization opportunities. But don’t let a lack of IRL real estate deter you. Whether it’s an in-person or digital event, the philosophy behind sponsorship integration remains the same.

« It was important to us that our partners be integrated into the programming in a way that felt authentic and native, just like they would have been at the live event, » explained Lauren Murphy, vice president of brand innovation and strategy for Apartment Therapy, about the home decor site’s recent virtual event. « And we wanted our readers to feel like they were truly experiencing [the partner’s] products. »

Much like a live, in-person event or conference, the sponsors of Apartment Therapy’s Small/Cool Experience at Home, which included Behr, Tuft & Needle, Chasing Paper, and Amazon Handmade, were featured prominently in the programming, with representatives from the brands joining panel discussions, as well as hosting how-to demos.

« Our approach was two-fold: Each brand received shoppable placement within the animated illustrated videos that brought the rooms to life on the site, and integration into Instagram programming that aligned with their products and brands throughout the weekend, » Murphy said. « Each partner segment leveraged designer and editorial expertise combined with the benefits of our partners’ products, providing a combination of inspiration and utility. »

Read on for more of Apartment Therapy’s sponsorship strategy, and other creative ways organizers are integrating branded messaging into their events:

1. Exclusive Content
In addition to an Amazon Handmade-sponsored IGTV panel discussion (which you can watch here), Apartment Therapy also created an Instagram Story series that profiled select « Makers » from the Amazon Handmade portfolio, offering the audience a behind-the-scenes look into their studios.

2. Workshops
Earlier this month, during the Create & Cultivate Money Moves Summit, which was sponsored by MasterCard, attendees were able to take part in a full day’s worth of programming including financial workshops, fireside chats, keynote speeches, mentor sessions, and more.

For the platform’s next virtual event, Digital Summer Camp on June 6, Create & Cultivate’s CEO Jaclyn Johnson said she aimed to expand the opportunities for sponsors and partners. « We wanted to make sure we were creative in some new offerings, not only for our attendees but for our partners, which is why we decided to offer workshops throughout the day in addition to panels, networking, and mentorship our fans have come to love. »

Currently, the event lineup includes workshops such as « build your own Instagram-worthy floral arrangement » with East Olivia, « how to be a good plant parent » with The Sill, and « how to build a swoon-worthy charcuterie board » with Lady & Larder, plus others. Attendees will be able to purchase supplies from the presenting partners for the various workshops beforehand.

« Moving from in-person to virtual experiences poses the need to pivot across the board, not just with sponsors or partners. After the success of Money Moves, we wanted to ensure we kept bringing our community something new and exciting, so being able to incorporate partners while ideating new ways of interacting with the audience was key, » Johnson said.

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Source : BIZBASH, Michele Laufik

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