Ideas for Indoor and outdoor activities for your hotel guests

25 octobre 2018

Create unforgettable experiences that sell very easy

In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly important for hoteliers to offer something more than a luxury stay for their guests. More and more hotels are focused on offering adventures as part of the package, especially when they’re located in exotic areas. In the age of technology, more guests than ever are looking for something real, for an adventure that can be organized with ease at their hotel. It’s simple – unforgettable experiences sell very easy and hotels that do adapt to this will have an easier time attracting new guests as well as keeping the existing ones loyal.In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the indoor and outdoor activities hoteliers can organize for hotel guests in order to make their stay amazing.

City Tours

If your guests are coming to the city for the first time (you can ask them this when they’re booking their accommodation), you can offer them a tour to get to know the local life. The majority of tourists today are millennials and they are almost always more interested in the local culture than staying in their rooms. Make arrangements with local restaurants, art galleries, and theatres, or take your guests to a flea market. The more your guests love the city where your hotel is, the better chances you’ll have to see them return to your hotel.

Spa Packages

This indoor activity is something every hotel should have in the 21st century. You want to make your guests feel special and relaxation is one of the best ways to welcome them after a long flight. Some hotels even offer a free massage after check-in, while some accommodation packages include free spa treatment for the whole stay. Since your guests will likely be outside of the hotel during the day, the spa will mostly be used in the evening. Whether you’ll opt for a classical massage, or something more local – it’s up to you, but always try to offer them something that they haven’t experienced yet.

Photo : Noah Spa, La cache à Maxime

Tennis and Golf

If you don’t have enough space for a golf course, you can always opt for a tennis court instead. Both of these activities will get attention from your guests, especially if you offer lessons as well. Sport is a great way to use the excess energy and maintenance won’t cost you a lot. While golf is definitely for more luxurious hotels, tennis can be played by pretty much anyone. Try to offer all of the equipment your guests might need and don’t charge them for it.

Location Specific Offers

Think about what’s so special about the town where your hotel is. Some hotels in the Caribbean offer night snorkeling to their guests, while some hotels in Zimbabwe have an offer for sleeping under the stars. Wherever your hotel is, there’s something special about it and you should focus on that and offer it to your guests. It may be that your town is famous for its food, in which case you’ll want to take your guests on a gastronomic tour. Maybe it’s the wines, or a nearby forest full of wildlife.

The more effort you invest into offering location-specific events to your guests the easier time you’ll have to give them the best time of their lives.

Walking is Cooler Than Ever

Millennials are more likely than any previous generation to go on a walking tour. From Kumano Kodo pilgrimage in Japan to Tasmanian walking tours – tourists have never been more ready to get their legs working. Group walking with a guide is all about shared experiences, which is why your guests are guaranteed to have a great time. Offer your guests a sense of achievement, in a sense that you should warn them that it isn’t an easy task – but who makes it never forgets it. A great guide is extremely important for walking tours, as they will not only keep everyone entertained, but they’ll also share knowledge and keep the tour’s spirits up.

Local Cuisine

Whether you’ll offer local cuisine in your own lounge, or you’ll take your guests to some of the famous local restaurants is up to you. Food tourism is on the rise in the last couple of years, so you shouldn’t be missing on it if you’re serious about taking your hotel business to the next level. In today’s world, food is one of the things that you just can’t taste over the internet – which is why so many people are traveling to places where they’ll love the food. Think of Italy and their pizzas and pasta’s, or Japan’s sushi.


Hospitality industry today is all about great experiences. Those that manage to fulfill and go beyond their guests’ expectations are the ones that are going to succeed. By offering special activities to your guests you won’t only get them to stay at your hotel more easily, but you’ll also have an easier time convincing them to stay next year as well. Hotel service goes beyond a room and a lobby these days, so make sure to understand your guest’s needs and do everything you can to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

By Lena Hemsworth,

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