New Study Shows Strong Demand for Business Travel in 2024

10 mai 2024

Source: New Study Shows Strong Demand for Business Travel in 2024, Laurie Baratti, Travel Pulse, 9 mai 2024

Image: Business travelers at the airport. (Photo Credit: shutterdemon/Adobe)

Internova Travel Group, one of the world’s largest travel services companies, has just revealed the results of its recent survey, the ‘2024 Internova Index: North American Business Traveler Insights’ report, which indicates that the industry is seeing a strong demand for business travel. The research gathered insights from millions of travel bookings and a comprehensive survey of business travelers in the United States and Canada.

According to the report 85 percent of business travelers anticipate traveling the same amount or more frequently in 2024, as compared to 2023. Notably, approximately 30 percent of respondents engage in « bleisure » travel, combining business trips with leisure time and activities.

Meanwhile, the average daily rate (ADR) for hotel bookings by business travelers in the U.S. increased by approximately five percent from 2022 to 2023. Additionally, travel agencies are proving increasingly essential in making business travel reservations since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The North American Business Traveler Insights report is a specialized edition of The Internova Index: North American Traveler Insights series, focusing specifically on corporate travel trends. The inaugural version of this annual report draws on extensive data analysis of travel bookings in North America, along with a consumer survey involving approximately 3,000 travelers.

The study segmented business travelers into three categories: Executives, meaning senior management personnel; Road Warriors, frequent travelers often in sales or client-facing roles; and Occasional Travelers, whose roles involve minimal travel.

Corporate or business travelers walking through the airport.
Corporate or business travelers walking through the airport. (Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/

« Our newest Internova Index report presents a carefully researched and hopeful outlook for business travel in 2024, » said J.D. O’Hara, CEO of Internova Travel Group. « It’s clear that our business travel clients appreciate the vital assistance we gave them during and after the pandemic, and they are relying on us in ever-increasing numbers to provide the same high level of expert service, no matter where their work takes them. »

While the overall number of trips per business traveler increased by three percent between 2022 and 2023, the segment that experienced the most significant growth was the Road Warriors, with a 30 percent increase in domestic trips. Furthermore, 30 percent of all business travelers anticipate traveling more in 2024 compared to the previous year. On the whole, 30 percent of all business travelers said that they anticipate traveling more in 2024 compared to last year.

Since 2019, there has been a notable rise in the use of travel advisors for booking business travel. This trend, which continues to grow, was likely influenced by the difficulty and confusion that accompanied travel planning during the pandemic and directly thereafter. Road Warriors, in particular, are 15 percent more likely to utilize a travel management company—whether that’s an online tool or a human advisor—this year than in 2019.

The 2024 Internova Index: North American Business Traveler Insights report was developed by Internova Analytics and Consulting, leveraging proprietary data sources and expertise, plus a dedicated project delivery team to provide valuable industry insights. Internova Analytics and Consulting offers tailored collaborations to assist travel industry participants in adjusting to emerging trends and tackling their most urgent obstacles.

« Last year, our team of analysts, consultants and travel experts harnessed our proprietary data to release the first Internova Index, focusing on general travel trends, » said Henry Gilroy, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development at Internova Travel Group. « We’re excited to expand more into the corporate space and demonstrate to our partners that we can support their analytical needs across all segments of the market. »

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