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3 septembre 2018

Staying ahead of the curve and ahead of the industry trends is more necessary than ever in this day and age. Not only is technology advancing, but so are food options and client’s expectations.

Keep it Local

One trend that continues to be on the rise is sourcing local for not only your venue and vendors, but specifically your food and beverage. The quality movement pushes for locally grown, raised, and processed food items with a farm-to-table style feel. Sustainability and organic practices are almost expected, and specialty food trucks are game-changers. Adding local flavor and flair with the area’s diverse food trucks is a way to bring in the unexpected in an innovative way.

Carrying out the local theme means taking it to the bar as well. Craft beers and original cocktails are all the rage with interesting ingredients like lavender extract, exotic fruit syrups, edible flowers, cucumber, and spices. Make your beverages stand out with small batch brews and signature event cocktails.


Creating presentations and events that are tailored to each individual attendee is in line with the new cutting-edge education. Customized seminars that focus on each different form of learning-visual, auditory, and touch-is a fascinating way to engage your attendees and hold their interest. Interactive models and tailored topics make for an ideal environment for specific trainings and corporate functions.


Event apps and social media can be primary ways to engage your attendees by ensuring they are updated in real time on upcoming events, news, and exciting discoveries as well as increasing and promoting social engagement. Using mobile apps and social media that encourages the use of an event hashtag, the asking of questions, sharing of interesting topics and learned takeaways, and even pictures and comments from the event builds excitement and establishes a sense of bonding and community.


In terms of events, small or large, décor goes much deeper than a few choice colors and flower arrangements. Events are planned from the get-go with specific themes or storyboards in mind. Putting together an event with a common look from invitations to posters to the water bottle labels helps deepen the hold of the event in your attendees’ minds. Without the use of over-the-top, in-your-face designs you can form a memorable event style.

Pulling inspiration from the latest hit television shows or box-office standouts like The Great Gatsby are fun and exciting for any crowd. Another huge décor trend happening now is using color to tell a story. With Pantone as the leading color experts, mold the event theme around the official color of the year or season. Pay attention to the media-what are the trends that they love? Rustic hardwoods, metallic, and rich neutrals added to the mix add interest to any set-up.

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Source and photo : Winmock