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A Convention During the Winter… In Saguenay!

In winter, Saguenay turns into a real playground. On one side, the monts Valin are renowned for their abundant snow and untamed nature, and on the other, the Saguenay Fjord is recognized as one of the world’s compelling attractions by National Geographic. 

In this glittering scenery, delegates and guides have access to an array of exciting activities: white fishing on the fjord, snowmobiling, downhill skiing on 100% natural snow, dog sledding!

In addition, in the heart of the city, several urban parks transformed during the cold season. The Parc Rivière-du-Moulin, a stone’s throw from the hotels, allows participants to relax between two conferences. The necessary equipment is available on site-a sure way to get lovely rosy cheeks and fill up with fresh air!

The Parc des Laurentides, very safe even in winter, will give you a glimpse of what to expect with its breathtaking landscapes! For that matter, let us take care of your journey with our turnkey packages. In all peace and comfort, let yourself be driven to Saguenay!

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Photo : Guylain Doyle