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ILLUMI – A DAZZLING WORLD OF LIGHTS BY CAVALIA : a unique winter event in Laval

Enjoy your business stay to discover ILLUMI – A DAZZLING WORLD OF LIGHTS, a mesmerizing sound and light show that is unique in North America, and that will take place in Laval next November.

Presented by Cavalia, this illuminated and grandiose noctural adventure will come to life in downtown Laval on a site that is equivalent to the area covered by seven NFL football fields divided in three zones : a festive Christmas village,  a luminous and whimsical journey through monumental sculptures and a sound and light show.

For your private or corporate events, invite your guests to one of the three heated tents situated in the heart of the Christmas Village, that can accomodate groups from 20 to 1,200 people.

Take advantage of this world premiere, the creativity, flexibility and know-how of Cavalia to make your event a dazzling experience that will impress your guests!

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