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The Hotel-Musee Premieres Nations is expanding! A view of nature

Starting in fall 2020, our corporate clients will be able to benefit from 13 meeting rooms including a total area of ​​3,300 square feet. This new large meeting room will allow everyone to feel the beauty of the nature surrounding the hotel because it will be windowed on two (2) facets. The maximum capacity now reaching 250 people in a round table, an extension of the Hotel is also planned for the same period. Indeed, 28 new rooms will be added to bring a total capacity of 83 rooms. Five (5) suites including four (4) with adjoining lounge will be filled all customers staying.

These additions are a total investment of seven million ( $ 7 000 000,00)  , the quality of materials, architecture and original design of the hotel will be preserved while adding a touch of modernity that will meet the expectations of all.

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Image : Claude Mathieu

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