1 in 3 US Gen Z workers say business trips have helped them gain a promotion

27 March 2024

Source: 1 in 3 US Gen Z workers say business trips have helped them gain a promotion, TravelPerk, S.L.U., March 26, 2024

Gen Z
US Gen Z say business travel has helped them improve their mental health (29%) and gain a promotion (35%)
  • In a survey of 1,000 US employees, one in three Americans say traveling for work has made them feel more passionate about their jobs
  • The opportunity to travel for business can be transformational for those starting their careers with 35% of Gen Z saying it’s helped them gain promotions
  • 29% of Gen Z say it has improved their mental health, compared to 17% of young British workers

New research released today from business travel platform TravelPerk, reveals that over a third (34%) of US employees who get to travel for work feel more passionate about their jobs. But for those aged 18-24 years old, 35% say business travel has helped them gain promotions. Compared to the 26% of millennials (aged 35-44 years old), it shows that business travel can be more beneficial for those starting out.

How does business travel benefit career progression?

Overall, 37% of US employees find it great for their personal and professional growth. The main business travel opportunities for Gen Z are networking and meetings (39%), conferences and events (31%), research (29%), training and development (29%) and teambuilding and offsites (29%).

With almost half of all US employees voting developing new skills (46%) and forging stronger professional relationships (42%) as benefits to business travel, it’s clear to see how this can aid career progression. But for Gen Z, business travel is not just about professional development. Nearly a third (29%) stated it has helped their mental health, compared to 18% in those aged 45-54, and this is much higher than Gen Z in the UK (17%).

Leading psychologist in workplace wellbeing, Dr Charlotte Russell, says:
“The findings from TravelPerk’s recent research show that for a sizeable proportion of employees, business travel can increase feelings of passion towards their work. This is impressive given that we know that if employees are more passionate about their roles, they are more likely to be engaged and productive, and better manage the stresses of their role. When business travel is arranged thoughtfully with employees’ needs in mind, this increases job satisfaction.”

Avi Meir, CEO and Co-Founder of TravelPerk, says:
“We firmly believe that when people travel for work to connect with others, it creates positive energy that can only be experienced in real life. We’re seeing companies invest in travel for the productivity that results from that connection. This is why traveling for business is increasingly viewed as a lever for business growth, instead of an expense.

“Younger generations are especially eager to get out into the world after having been at home during the pandemic. Businesses that prioritize travel opportunities for their younger workforce are nurturing talent and investing in not just their future, but that of their company.”

Notes to Editors:

Full research by OnePoll polled 4,000 employed adults who travel for work in the UK, the US, Spain and Germany from 31st October to 7th November 2023.

This release references the UK and US results only.
Those referenced as Gen Z are respondents aged 18-25 years old.
Those referenced as Millennials are respondents aged 35-44 years old.

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