10 Business Travel Trends for 2019

1 February 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a year of dynamic change in the corporate travel sector.

Business traveler habits continue to evolve at a rapid pace, forcing organizations to rethink the tools and policies they offer to workers for work-related trips. Meanwhile, new tools and technologies are disrupting the business travel status quo, offering new opportunities for companies of all sizes to make business travel more convenient, and cost-effective, for their organizations. And across the entire business travel ecosystem, whether that’s the suppliers, corporate travel managers, or traveling employees, a new mindset is emerging: business travel must put people, not policies, first.

At this moment of upheaval, with so much opportunity and change on the horizon, it can be difficult for those in the corporate travel sector to make sense of it all. For corporate travel managers, there are tough questions to answer about how to serve the changing needs of traveling employees while managing costs. What tools and policies will best serve these needs? For travel suppliers like airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, there is a related, if slightly different set of questions, including how best to design corporate travel products and services that best meet the changing needs of corporate travel buyers.

With these questions in mind, Skift and TripActions are launching a new trend report, “10 Business Travel Trends for 2019.” This forward looking document offers a roadmap to the most important themes and topics that will shape the business travel sector discussion in the year to come.

Source : Skift
Image : Unsplash

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