10 reasons to plan your events in Québec City

7 December 2018

Québec City is a destination…

1 So easy to get to

Québec City is strategically located in Eastern North America, making it easy for delegates attending a conference or business event to get to. 

Jean Lesage International Airport is a world-class facility that meets the highest industry standards and provides an exceptional passenger experience. A number of airlines offer direct flights from major hubs such as Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Paris. The U.S. preclearance centre, set to open in 2019, will facilitate travel to the United States. 

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2 Full of surprising venues

Québec City’s one-of-a-kind venues and reception spaces will surprise and delight attendees at your parties, galas, banquets, and special events. History, art, navigation, nature, music, elegance, the North… Themes vary depending on the site and the atmosphere you seek to create. Turn one of the city’s breathtaking attractions into a stunning venue for your events!

3 Festive all year round

Whatever the season, there’s always plenty on the go in Québec City to keep visitors happy. Your conference delegates won’t be at a loss for what to do-quite the contrary. All year round, artistic, cultural, and sports events keep visitors entertained and showcase what local talents have to offer.  In Québec City, the good times are guaranteed!

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4 Fun to explore on foot

10 Reasons to Plan your Events in Québec City | Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography
Credit: Jeff Frenette Photography

Pedestrian-friendly Québec City is meant for walking. Whether your delegates are in shoes, sneakers, or warm winter boots, they’ll find plenty of natural, cultural, historical, and tourist attractions to explore on foot. Must-see attractions like the Plains of Abraham, Old Québec, and the Petit Champlain district are all within walking distance, just like the Convention Centre and numerous restaurants, hotels, and shops. You won’t find a more enjoyable place to attend an event than Québec City.

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5 All about sports

Québec City is a year-round sports city with top-of-the-line facilities and natural venues in the city centre. The city regularly hosts championships, world cup events, and other sporting competitions and conventions. People flock to these events to be a part of the action and see elite athletes do their thing. Québec City’s sports services are synonymous with expertise, know-how, and hospitality.

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6 Steeped in History and Culture

Québec City is the only walled city in North America whose fortifications are still intact. Nearly five million tourists visit each year, drawn by its storied past. The city was founded in 1608 and its history lives on in its architecture, heritage, art, and culture. Offer your attendees an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience in this UNESCO world heritage city, the birthplace of French civilization in North America.

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7 Affordable and Cost Effective

Québec City offers great value as a conference destination, especially for Americans and Europeans who benefit from the exchange rate. Treat your attendees to a European-style trip in a North American setting featuring affordable accommodation, food, and transportation. The region has all the advantages and amenities of a big city, set against a spectacular natural backdrop.

8 A great way to mix business and pleasure

Québec City makes it easy to combine business and leisure. A true vacation destination, the city boasts a wide range of activities for your attendees and their spouses and families to enjoy. Between the guided tours, excursions, cultural outings, outdoor activities, and history at every turn, Québec City has everything it takes for an enjoyable stay.

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9 Green and safe

10 Reasons to Plan your Events in Québec City | Credit: Louis-Antoine Couturier
Credit: Louis-Antoine Couturier

Québec City is the safest French-speaking city in Canada to raise a family and the second safest region in the country (Statistics Canada, 2016). You can walk the city worry-free as you soak up its heritage, history, nature, and character. City parks and greenspaces also make for wonderful walking spots, with the St. Lawrence River in the background. 

Québec City has earned a reputation as a destination that can handle high-security events such as the Summit of the Americas and major international festivals and sports events.

10 Foodie Paradise

Québec City has no shortage of great places to eat. Considered a top culinary destination in North America, Québec City stands out for the variety of restaurants, the quality of its local products, and the creative talent of its chefs. Local event catering services also earn rave reviews.

The city’s hotels and event venues serve food worthy of the finest restaurants. Visitors can savour the refined cuisine of chef Jean-Pierre Cloutier at the Québec City Convention Centre, the northern-inspired fare of the renowned restaurant Chez Boulay-Bistro Boréal at Manoir Victoria, the culinary artistry of Tempera at Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Stéphane Modat’s creations at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, or the refined offerings of Le George V, caterer to Hôtel Château Laurier Québec and the Armoury.

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