5 things you’re forgetting to plan for

5 November 2018

With so much on your plate when planning an event – everything from keeping track of everything from accommodation options to wi-fi coverage, security concerns to teambuilding activities – it’s easy from time to time to let some of the finer, more human details slip by. But worry not: we’ve compiled this list of suggestions and tips based on the five senses to make sure your events maintain that priceless human touch. With a few simple gestures to go that extra mile, you’ll exponentially improve your attendees’ experience and create a meeting for them to truly remember.


Finer hotels have been scenting their lobbies and common spaces for ages, such as Montréal’s The Saint Sulpice whose front rooms are scented with a specially-created touch of white lotus. We think it’s time for events to follow suit, and suggest experimenting with subtle natural scents to soothe and entice.

So you’ve found what you think is the ideal venue for your event, but what about the light? Fluorescent lighting has been known to cause headaches and reduced concentration, and humans are a bit like plants – we need a daily dose of natural light to feel complete. Check for windows and other sources of light before signing on the dotted line.


There’s no better way to calm frazzled nerves than with a well trained set of hands to work out the tension, and multiple massage schools and independent practitioners offer event packages for on-site therapy packages that your attendees will love.


Including a live band to soundtrack your event is a great add-on that’s far more exciting than just plugging in an iPod on shuffle. But choosing the right music to suit your event is an important skill that takes some consideration – for example, we’d suggest staying away from the blues at a motivational event. Find a group of musicians who perform at just the right volume and intensity to keep the conversation flowing.

When feeding groups of people, the best dining experiences focus on quality over quantity, healthy options and gourmet touches. Better yet, choose restaurants that show off local cuisine and products from the area to give your attendees something unique to thrill the palate.

Learn more about theses tips here.

Text and image : Tourism Montréal’s Blog

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