6 innovative business event concepts in typical venues

29 December 2018

1. 360 Conference at Cabaret de l’Avenir

Breathe new life into the traditional conference format by offering an environment that promotes comfort and proximity, for speakers and attendees alike. A circular stage will be set up in the centre of the venue and surrounded by “bleachers” with different types of seating. This configuration optimizes connection, proximity, and interaction between the speaker and the audience.

2. Commemorate the history of an organization at Centre de congrès Palace

Take your attendees on a unique journey through the history of your organization. Guests will enjoy a multidisciplinary and interactive experience combining amazing cuisine, history, and art. With the site’s installations and configuration, you can stage your organization’s story like a work of art that took form over the years. Since an image is worth a thousand words, the idea isn’t to tell the story of your company through lectures, but instead to bring it to life by awakening the senses of your guests.

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Source : Tourisme Laval