A New Business and Events Pavilion at the Granby Zoo

27 February 2019


The Granby Zoo revealed the details of the construction of a new business and events pavilion to the media and tourism partners. With a total investment of almost $3.4 million, the new pavilion will have 2 large rooms with a capacity of 500 and 300 guests in banquet format, as well as a roof-top patio. The corporate building will be located near the Amazoo waterpark and the new lion habitat, which was inaugurated in 2019. The pavilion will have direct access to the waterpark, and an easy access path will link the new building to the Lodge. This large patio overlooking the African savanna is one of the largest habitats in the zoo. The construction of this new pavilion has already started, and it should open in mid-November 2019, just in time for the holidays. Reservations are already being taken.

The indoor decor of the building will be inspired by nature and organic elements making it a signature pavilion in the region. It will have a natural yet chic atmosphere, will use wood making reference to the forest for different features, abstract foliage, integration of light in the décor to create a unique atmosphere. These are various things on the drawing board at the present time.


Private business and event clients at the zoo have been growing over the past five years. These clients represent 6.5% of the zoo’s revenue, with a value of almost $1.7 million. In 2018, the banquet team, made up of about 40 full-time and seasonal employees, coordinated 175 events for 35,000 people! Banquets, galas, parties, all-you-can-eat BBQs and holiday events can be organised in one of our 14 rooms and patios at the zoo, including the new pavilion. The construction of this new pavilion will allow for the creation of about 15 new jobs.

New this year, the Granby Zoo will allow different groups VIP access, including the private opening of the waterpark at night, a private opening of the African World in the morning, exclusive access to the amusement park or a private insider’s visit of the zoo. 


The Granby Zoo has also developed its expertise in team consolidation. The Construis-Zoo game, developed by a multi-disciplinary team at the zoo, allows participants to act as custodian, animal manager, development manager or client service manager to build the best possible zoo with their colleagues! It is a very challenging game and includes outings into the zoo.


The Granby Zoo has developed a nice marriage market, and 25 marriages will take place in 2019. Many other reservations have already been made for 2020. The distinctive exotic touch of the Granby Zoo makes it a very unusual yet increasingly popular marriage destination!

About the Granby Zoo

The Granby Zoo is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1953. Its mission is to provide for people of all ages an enriching, amusing and educational experiences raising awareness about conservation of the animal world. At the peak of the tourism season, it employs more than 700 people. The direct and indirect regional economic spin-offs from the Granby Zoo are evaluated at more than $50 million annually, an increase of 75% since 2004. All the profits from corporate and private events are reinvested in animal well-being.

This article is a translation of a text publishes in Tourismexpress

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