A new tool to better understand our industry!

27 October 2016

The Quebec Association of Convention Professionals (QACP), a leader and pioneer in the field of business tourism, has put together the Business Tourism Vocabulary, a new tool that will facilitate interaction between business partners and its network of qualified organizations and individuals. This tool will promote the use of a standardised basic terminology in this business sector.

Conference centre, congress centre, trade fair centre – what’s the difference?

The QACP is always listening to the needs of its members. In this context, the organisation understood that a list of definitions that are unanimously recognized and used to identify fundamental elements in this sector was lacking.The QACP saw this as a problem which needed attention. “Our expertise in business tourism clearly contributes to the notoriety of Quebec as a prime business tourism destination. The need for a precise and universal language to solidify the identity of this important aspect of our tourism industry seemed natural, and we are proud to offer this service to our members and to the whole business community“, explained Steeve Gagné, president of the QACP.

Expert advice to industry members

For more than 35 years, The Quebec Association of Convention Professionals has been involved in business tourism, even before it became a household expression in this business sector. From the outset, the QACP understood the strong development potential of this segment of the tourism industry throughout Quebec. Today, QACP members’ clients contribute more than $143.5 million to the economy of Quebec regions. The Association is a proud partner of Tourism Quebec in the promotion and development of business and convention tourism in the province.

An industry at the forefront of change

The Business Tourism Vocabulary is the result of meticulous work by professionals. The QACP is aware that this initiative will change certain practices, but is confident that it will become an indispensable tool for the accurate use of language in the field of business tourism. “As usual, we have worked in the interest of our target audience and for the promotion of business tourism in Quebec“, stated Ginette Bardou, General Manager of the QACP. “Our network deserves quality tools to contribute to the development of our members across Quebec“.

To access the Vocabulary, go to:

The Quebec Association of Convention Professionals includes more than 125 organizations and qualified participants that are very familiar with the convention market, hotel infrastructures and tourist attractions in their respective regions. These experts in business tourism are professionals who can provide first-hand advice when organizing your events. You can rely on assistance from the extensive and experienced QACP network as you explore destinations around Quebec to make your events a great success.


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General Manager
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