Aboriginal Tourism Management: A New Program of Study at UQAT!

5 March 2013

Val-d’Or, March 5, 2013 – The Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) is proud to announce the official launch of a brand new Short Program in Aboriginal Tourism Management. This short program, intended for Aboriginal students and for anyone working in this industry sector, will provide a current view of the management of Aboriginal tourism businesses, using a sustainable and equitable development approach. To maximize the impact oh this training, UQAT has developed a partnership with Québec Aboriginal Tourism, a sectoral association recognized by Tourisme Québec.

For more than 10 years in Quebec, the performance of Aboriginal tourism businesses has been remarkable on several levels: an increase of 50% in the number of businesses, and their sales figures have practically doubled. On the other hand, these same businesses are confronted with a number of challenges, such as a lack of training and stability in entrepreneurs, managers and employees. On this subject, Mr. Vincent Rousson, Director of the Val-d’Or campus and of the UQAT’s Aboriginal Training and Programs Development Unit (ATPDU) tells us that : "Tourism in Quebec has been growing significantly over a number of years and the growth of this sector is most assuredly happening by training a qualified work force."

A program developed in partnership, to answer to the needs of the Aboriginal milieu

When the program was created, several organizations in Aboriginal communities were consulted, one of which was Québec Aboriginal Tourism, the privileged project partner. "Our partnership with UQAT is very exciting and will help structure the expansion of Aboriginal tourism in Quebec! We are proud to join together with UQAT to set up this innovative Short Program. Every year, Aboriginal peoples in the province share their culture with more than 800,000 visitors, and create close to 3,500 jobs while having an economic impact of $169 million." states Mr. Dave Laveau, Executive Director of Québec Aboriginal Tourism.

A flexible and realistic teaching formula

Training will be offered in class, as well as by videoconference, says Ms. Suzy Basile, Aboriginal Project Manager at UQAT: "Thanks to the use of videoconferencing systems, we can reach almost every Aboriginal community, and the different regions of Quebec. This short program of five courses will be offered on a part-time basis, and the first cohort will start in the Fall 2013 term. Where the training will take place remains to be determined." 


For more information:
Suzy Basile, UQAT Aboriginal Project Manager
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Carole Bellefleur, Development Advisor, Québec Aboriginal Tourism
418-843-5030 |

Laurie Chabot, Information Officer Communications and Recruitment Services Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue
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