First Edition of the Islander Wine and Gourmet Food Festival at the Château Madelinot from September 14-17 2017

16 March 2017

The official promoters,Hôtels Accents and Quai 360,will present the first edition of the “Islander Wine and Gourmet Food Festival” at the Château Madelinot from September 14-17, 2017. Inspired by visitors and lovers of the Magdalen Islands, the concept was born from a desire to fully immerse visitors in the richness of the Islands. During the 3-day festival, foodies and wine lovers will come together on the archipelago.

“The Islands destination is beautiful year-round, and we wanted to create an event that will allow the archipelago to thrive after the regular tourist season, making the experience even more immersive for visitors,” noted Ariane Bérubé, sales manager for Hôtels Accents. Passionate about the world of wine and local gourmet cuisine, François Gaulin and Nathalie Miousse, owners of Quai 360, have worked hard to achieve this dream! “The expertise found in our 2 teams has allowed us to develop a rather unique festival, and we are really looking forward to welcoming participants to this first edition,” added François Gaulin from Quai 360. The event promoters, the Château Madelinot and Quai 360, have promised a unique program of events focusing on local elements – the sea, wind, tastes, and of course, the Islanders!

The participants can take advantage of an all-inclusive package including lodging at the Château Madelinot, or can purchase a passport for any one of the festival days.

With the “Everything to Please” AubergeMadeli, the “Seaside” Château Madelinot and the ACCENTS RESTO BISTRO, the Hôtels Accents are proud to contribute to the development and promotion of the Magdalen Islands destination. Also owners of the renowned Café de la Côte, the owners of Quai 360 are the official ambassadors for local cuisine for the destination.

Full program (in french only)

Source: Hôtels Accents