Goodbye is as important as hello

24 April 2014

By Larry Mogelonsky,

I have written and am well aware of the numerous ways that properties focus their attention on building their sense of arrival – that is, the initial impression a hotel makes on a guest. These might include beautiful flower arrangements, warm smiles and effusively welcoming staff members.

The expression I use to denote why we hoteliers should focus on delivering an excellent sense of arrival is this: first impressions are first assurances. When a guest arrives at an establishment, having all operations in order comforts this visitor and sets a precedent for the remainder of the trip. Its importance recognised in this light, by and large most properties have got this sense of arrival pretty much down pat. Additionally, I am pleased to see that good progress is being made by most full-service properties, not just the luxury abodes.

However, a guest’s departure still continues to be somewhat of an orphan in the area of guest relations and service management. Perhaps this is a function of the simple fact that many guests just want their folio, aptly deposited under their door at night. And with disposable electronic keycards so in vogue, guests pass swiftly into the chaos of morning lobby traffic, avoiding the front desk altogether.

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