Hôtel Château Joliette has Reinvented Itself!

22 March 2018


The Château Joliette has been a reference point for residents of the Lanaudière region for the past 25 years. But over the past 3, when 5 shareholders from the region decided to reinvent the establishment with investments to rejuvenate and add dynamism to the location and increase the standard of quality offered, no one doubts that this hotel as become a must in the region for its lodging, gourmet food and reception halls.

My last visit to this hotel was several years ago. I remember having been impressed by its proximity to the river and the service offered during the reception I was attending. However, I must admit that I was really charmed by my recent stay at Château Joliette.

Bar de l'Hotel Chateau Joliette

The Hotel Château Joliette Bar

I must tell you about the reception halls, which already welcome more than fifty newlyweds each year! It is the perfect spot to experience the most important day of your life! And I must enthusiastically say that thanks to a partnership with the City of Joliette, the Château will soon become a convention centre! They will add 30 new rooms to the existing 90, and with a significant expansion, the establishment will increase its offer to welcome guests from all over, for business or pleasure, allowing them to discover our beautiful region.

Article by Mathilde Laurence which appeared in Tourisme Lanaudière’s blog.

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