LE Baluchon, one of the first ecotourism “resorts” in Quebec

18 September 2017

Constantly evolving, LE Baluchon now offers the Health SPA clients a spacious welcome and rest areas surrounding the magnificent “Cachet LE Baluchon”. At the Nordic SPA, a new terrace overlooking the Rivière du Loup and its falls will create the perfect ambiance for a get away.

The health SPA lodging pavilion is also part of this integrated approach to authentic ambiance and based on the concept of “slow design”.

“As a native of St-Paulin and biologist by training, I wanted to highlight this natural richness of the earth, our heritage and history of our region and allow our visitors to feel it. The concept of “slow design” fits perfectly with the company’s sustainable development philosophy,” stated Louis Lessard, owner and general manager.

The “Cachet LE Baluchon” was created with unique or limited-edition pieces that promote reuse and recycling while minimising the ecological impact with the goal of promoting concepts that are part of the region’s history, the respect of human time and in opposition to the idea of speed associated with industrialisation, promote the use of traditional know-how and use materials available in the local area (wood, metal, minerals, glass, stone, etc.). They have created an ambiance of your dreams, one which inspire calm and meditation on an exceptional natural site.

Driven by the constant concern to perfect their sustainable development practices, LE Baluchon is looking at a project to power their site using solar panels. In parallel, the renovation of 46 additional rooms as well as five rooms for corporate meetings are also part of the company’s vision for the future.

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Available for interviews: Émilie Gélinas 

Source: Émilie Gélinas, web communications coordinator | LE Baluchon Eco-resort | 819 268-2695 ext. 176

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