Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant got a makeover!

27 February 2018

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant completely redecorated and repainted its 112 rooms and suites. Since June 2017, guests have been able to enjoy new carpets, furniture, bedding, and fixtures. The brightened suites let guests appreciate the magnificent view of the lake or forest. Over the last two years, the hotel has invested over $2.6 million to maintain the quality of its offering.

Spread out across a 13.5-acre estate, this Scandinavian-style hotel with a log cabin façade is bordered by Lake Ouimet, and its beach is surrounded by hiking and cross-country skiing trails, several golf courses, and two downhill ski slopes, Mont-Tremblant and Mont Blanc.

Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant offers 14 banquet halls and meeting rooms, three terraces, plus it’s only a short walk from Tremblant pedestrian village. The hotel offers the tranquility of nature, spectacular decor, and a trendy atmosphere.

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Source and photo : Tourisme Laurentides