Meeting and conference trends in the Laurentians – the communications

23 January 2017

Interviews and article by Lyne Branchaud

What are the latest meeting and conference trends in the Laurentians? To find out, we talked to three representatives who work in the area: Marie-Chantal Thibault, Sales Manager, Groups & Conferences for the Tremblant Resort Association; François Desrochers, Convention and Services Manager at Le Grand Lodge Mont-Tremblant; and Line Latour, Sales Manager at the Estérel Resort.

The second article in this three-part series on trends looks at communications, length of stay, and client base.

Texting: a practical tool for quick on-site communication!

Texting has replaced walkie-talkies and cell phone calls as the most common means of communication between planners and hotel coordinators on site during events. I find texting fast and very practical, especially for urgent issues.

Email is still the most frequently used means of communication throughout the event planning process. It’s less intrusive than texting, especially since most issues are not urgent.

Exchanges between planners and event site coordinators extend beyond the event itself. “It’s common for clients to ‘like’ our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and share articles or post comments,” notes Thibault.

Do all planners use new technology?

“Some clients create their own apps for events, especially during trade shows. There’s also the Social Tables app that I hear about occasionally,” says Thibault. This software program is used primarily to create floor plans, assign seats, and manage guest check-in.

“Professional event planners are on the lookout for new technology much more than direct clients,” says Latour. “But there are some clients who come to a resort hotel like this to unplug and who want to take a break from all the technology. It depends on the type of meeting, of course,” she adds.

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Source : Tourisme Laurentides

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