Memphrémagog Wants to Host Larger Conventions

3 December 2018


Tourisme Memphrémagog wants to become a reference for welcoming major provincial and international conventions.

This organisation has already set this objective in its directives adopted last April. Its members agreed to position the region as a four-season destination for conventions and meetings. It also recommended that it take the lead with the Quebec Association of Convention Professional (QACP).

During the summer season, the President of Tourisme Memphrémagog, Yannick Beaupertuis, highlighted the importance of competing with regions that already host many conventions. “We can already welcome conventions with about 500 participants, but those with 800-1,000 participants generally take place in Montreal, Quebec City or Mont-Tremblant. But we have the potential to host them,” assured Mr. Beaupertuis.

He noted that more isolated establishments, such as the Manoir Richelieu, Montebello and l’Estérel have good success with an enlarged hosting capacity. According to Mr. Beaupertuis, a major convention centre, with a capacity to host 800-1,000 people, would be beneficial. “These new clients will also help other business services,” indicated Mr. Beaupertuis. “But we shouldn’t add another 500-person convention centre to compete with currently existing ones.”

Projected Projects?

A few convention centre development or expansion projects are currently in the research stage in the Memphrémagog MRC. The l’Éspérance family this thinking about transforming the Étoile-sur-le-lac. Gilles Beaucage, the new owner of the Club de golf Venise, has also mentioned that he would like to build a convention centre on his land.

In the Canton d’Orford, the Manoir des Sables, which already hosts conventions with about 500 people, is looking at expanding their infrastructure.

Added to this, the new owners of Owl’s Head have previously mentioned their interest in a convention centre.

On this topic, Mr. Beaupertuis, who is currently the Realty and Hospitality Services Manager at Destination Owl’s Head, signalled that it’s a long-term project. “We have yet to plan our hosting capacity, but personally, I can envisage a 400-500 person convention centre, because Owl’s Head is a separate market. We aren’t going to compete with Magog,” he assured.

Tourisme Memphrémagog Strategies for 2019-2020

Create a convention and business meeting committee including the organisation’s permanent employees, administrators, representatives from the largest hotels, local actors (Memphrémagog MRC, Eastern Townships Tourism, etc.) and partners.

Evaluate the possibility of developing a permanent resource that can work in collaboration with the largest hotels to attract business conventions and meetings in the Memphrémagog destination. This resource could also take care of the travel trade market.

Evaluate the option of launching a market entry strategy for business conventions and meetings.


This text is a translation from
Le Reflet du Lac
Dany Jacques

Photo : Yannick Beaupertuis would like Memphrémagog to increase its fair share of provincial, national and international conventions. Credit: Le Reflet du Lac-Vincent Cliché.