Québec Association of Convention Professionals: Business tourism network releases statistics for 2014

8 October 2015

The Québec Association of Convention Professionals (QACP) conducts an annual analysis of statistics on events and conferences held at member destinations. With an economic contribution of more than $164.7 million made by clients, the 2014 fiscal year continued on the growth curve we’ve seen since 2006. This encouraging result confirms yet again the significant contribution the business tourism and convention industry makes to regional economies around the province.

QACP President Steeve Gagné, who also chairs the statistics committee, points out that "It’s important to realize that the figures we’re releasing today present a picture of the QACP network as it was in 2014, with 33 destinations and 87 hotels and convention centres. We’ve now been compiling statistical data on business tourism in the various regions for 19 years, and since the sector is constantly changing, we need to taker a long view. With a total of 1,944 conventions or events, the figures for 2014 are similar overall to the previous year. This means that every day, an average of eight business tourism events are held at one of our member destinations. Total tourism spending stands at $164,676,000, which represents average regional earnings of $84,710 per activity. Since our association covers nearly the whole province, that means an average weekly economic contribution of $3.2 million to the regions of Québec – and for some regions, that injection of capital into the regional economy has a highly significant impact."

The most recent positive results are right in line with statistics compiled by the QACP. In fact, the association notes that since 2010, the number of activities related to business tourism seems to have stabilized at about 2,000. "Competition between various players in the industry is fierce, and every year we see new infrastructures appear that improve what we have to offer. However, the domestic Québec market has its limits, and we have seen changes in how clients conduct their business – specifically, the growing number of small meetings. It’s extremely difficult to paint an exhaustive picture of the Québec business tourism market, which is multi-faceted and constantly changing. As a tourism sector association, the QACP makes every effort to collect as much information as possible on the sector, based on solid and extremely conservative indicators," notes Ginette Bardou, General Manager of the QACP.

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