Recognition for “Obstacle Free Access” for Château Madelinot

14 December 2016

During the 2016 Awards Ceremony, held by the Magdalen Islands Association for Handicapped Persons, Hôtels Accents had the privilege to receive a nomination in the “Obstacle Free Access” category for the Auberge Madeli. Held on December 3rdas part of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Awards Ceremony brought together several companies from the archipelago which had taken steps to increase accessibility of their installations.

During the complete renovation of the Auberge Madeli in 2013, a portion of the project included modifications to improveclient experience for persons with reduced mobility. Now, clients can enjoy a comfortable stay in a room fully designed based on Kéroul quality standards, which is a non-profit organisation with the goal of making tourism and culture accessible to persons with restricted physical mobility. The reception area, as well as the hotel entrance, was also redesigned to allow a more comfortable welcome and check-in process. The Hôtels Accents would like to thank the Magdalen Islands Association for Handicapped Persons as well as the Action Committee for Obstacle Free Access.

With its Auberge Madeli “Has it All”, the Château Madelinot “Seafront” and the ACCENTS RESTAURANT AND BISTRO, the Hôtels Accents is proud to contribute to the development and promotion of the Magdalen Islands destination.

Source: Hôtels Accents

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