The Auberge de la Pointe in Rivière-du-Loup steals the show during the 41st Gala des Prestiges

22 November 2016

“Fertile Land” was theme chosen by the Chamber of Commerce of the Rivière-du-Loup MRC for the 41st Gala des Prestiges, held November 12th at the Hôtel Universel’s Convention Centre. It perfectly represents the companies nominated, and specifically those honored, including the Company of the Year, the Auberge de la Pointe.

The owners ofRivière-du-Loup’s Auberge de la Pointe, Marc-Antoine Côté and Charles Labrecque, first went on stage to receive the “Prestige Entreprise” for restaurant services, hotel services and/or tourism. “We would like to thank our clients and our team. Charles and I host many visitors from outside of the region, but also more and more from within it” noted Mr. Côté. “This makes it all worth it, a pat on the back, thank you very much. We would also like to thank our families, because during the summer we work a lot, and in the winter, we really don’t stop either,” added Marc-Antoine Côté after receiving the most prestigious award of the evening. “We put a lot into the Auberge and we have a great team. It is not only large companies that can excel. Small ones can too, and for the Auberge de la Pointe, it’s thanks to many people in Rivière-du-Loup,” highlighted Mr. Labrecque.

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