«THE IROQUOIAN TRAIL» through the most beautiful Montérégie landscapes!

28 January 2015

The story continues in the Montérégie! Very pleased with the first edition’s success, the four participating hotel partners are presenting the Iroquoian Trail, Summer 2015 calendar.

On a distance varying between 230 and 350 km, discover this region’s rich history and the dynamic local life throughout the most beautiful landscapes. Come and enjoy the Montérégie’s diverse natural scenery, its mountains, fields, towns and rivers.

This cycling trail offers a short or long route consisting of 45 to 102 km in length for each stage of the tour. With a difficulty level of low to moderate, this circuit is perfect for anyone who is looking for a new cycling experience.

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Photo : Tourisme Montérérégie
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Suzanne Lareau
Sales Manager et Business Development
Hôtel Relais Gouverneur de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu