The QACP and Kéroul are united to improve hotel and convention centre accessibility in Quebec

27 February 2018

With the objective of improving accessibility in hotels and meeting spaces in Quebec for persons with reduced physical mobility, the Quebec Association of Convention Professionals, who represents more than 35 destinations in 107 hotels and convention centres, is proud to announce its association with Kéroul, the organisation that works towards the development of tourism and cultural accessibility.  

“Hotel complexes and convention centres who are members of our network perform extremely well, but today there are still establishments that are not completely accessible. When we talk about business tourism, it is just as important for an establishment to be able to offer adapted services, whether to serve a specific client, a whole convention or a large block of rooms. At the QACP, our strength is being able to bring together the members of our network to sensitise them to the importance of offering infrastructure that is adapted to the realities of these clients”, noted Steeve Gagné, QACP president.

Steeve Gagné, QACP President and André Leclerc, President and General Manager of Kéroul

Through different initiatives, the two organisations have the mission to sensitise, inform and work with QACP members to improve and expand services provided to clients with handicaps. The QACP and Kéroul work together to inform members about new accessibility programs with the goal of favouring accessibility to tourism establishments for persons with difficulties by financially supporting projects with the goal of transforming or improving tourism infrastructure to reach the necessary ranking for accessibility set by Kéroul.

With this collaboration, the QACP will offer incentives that will encourage its members to undertake concrete actions to improve physical accessibility to their infrastructure. Additionally, the members can receive Service Complice training which is offered by Kéroul, training provided by persons with reduced mobility to sensitise staff and provide them with the tools to meet needs. “The notion of accessibility and reduced mobility is much broader today”, continued Mr. Gagné. “The aging population already presents challenges in terms of welcoming guests and participants. Staff must be trained to meet these new challenges.”

“This close collaboration with the QACP will allow us to provide additional assistance to hotels and convention centres that want to expand services to clients with physical handicaps. We are particularly happy as you can never do too much for clients with specific needs” noted André Leclerc, President, General Manager and founder of Kéroul.

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About the QACP

The QACP is a sector-based tourism association that participates in the growth of business tourism in Quebec by favouring alliances between actors in the sector, developing strategic knowledge and generating business opportunities for the industry.

About Kéroul

Kéroul is a non-profit organisation that works towards the development tourism and cultural accessibility for handicapped persons. Founded in Montreal in 1979, Kéroul is the lead actor with the Ministry of Tourism, who recognises its accessibility evaluations and certifications for tourism establishments as well as the training for front-line employees.


Jean-François Lavoie, Manager of Development and Partnerships, Kéroul

(514) 252-3104

Steeve Gagné, President, QACP



Ginette Bardou, General Manager, QACP