The Simplifier offers a brand new service to facilitate the organization of events

13 April 2016

Once again, the Simplifier innovates and offers an application that will serve as a digital programme for your event. This solution has been designed to simplify the life of those choosing to hold their next event in Laval, and make them save timeand money!

With this application offered on both IOS and Android platforms, you can centralize all the information about your event,
such as activity schedules, speakers’ profiles, interactive maps, various documents in Microsoft Office or PDF formats,
news feed, surveys, etc. You can manage and update shared content, in real time, at any time. It’s useful, simple and
user-friendly thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop and text editing interface. Participants can consult the information on
 various aspects of the event at their convenience. They can even communicate with each other by public or private
messages, thus forming a community dedicated to your event, and even become very effective promotion agents!

Event organizers that meet eligibility criteria can get the application for free. 

For more information, contact a representative of the Simplifier. In addition, the Simplifier offers free support for the
integration of content. 

1 877 465-2825