Top 2019 event trends every event planner should know

4 February 2019

Extract from Quebec City Business Destination’s blog

The year 2019 is already upon us-and both PCOs and DMCs are looking for the newest trends in events and how they will impact organizing upcoming conferences and conventions.

With constantly shifting expectations from clients, attendees and sponsors, it’s important for event planners to look to the future and build from the past in order to continue delivering real value for all stakeholders. That’s why we sat down with three event professionals to get their perspectives as to some of the top 2019 event trends savvy PCOs and DMCs should tap into.

Create micro-events to bring more relevance and personalization

As a CMP and the General Manager at JPdL, a full-service event and destination management company in Québec City, Isabelle Desloges has seen the event industry greatly transformed in the last few years.

“One important aspect of events that planners increasingly need to consider is that conferences and conventions must now, more than ever, be designed around attendees’ busy careers and lifestyles,” she said. “Events are getting shorter because delegates tend to be pressed to get back to work and their personal lives. People need to make most of their time during incentive or educational and networking events.”

Ms. Desloges explained that in order for event planners to attract attendees, a lot of emphasis must be placed on creating highly targeted event programs with very compelling content. In addition, gone are the days whereby delegates simply passively attended an event that was chock-full of plenary sessions.

“Today’s time-strapped delegates are preferring interactive experiences, new presentation formats, exchanges with speakers in real time, hands-on workshops…the gamut. The activation is much more immersive and personalized,” she added.
This means event planners should consider developing ‘micro-events’ for different attendee personas. For example, delegates could be required to fill specific profiling information to guide them to smaller sessions or networking events targeting their precise interests or goals. They could also be invited to off-hours activities tailored to their expectations regarding visiting a host city.



2019 will be all about experiential events and the relevance they bring to the table. Events have to be transformative both from a professional and personal standpoint in order for them to be successful for years to come.

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