Tourism as Canada’s engine for growth : CTC 2014-2018 corporate plan summary

2 July 2014

Canada’s opportunity to attract investment and introduce new business partnerships through tourism.
The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has just released its 2014-2018 Corporate Plan summary: Tourism as Canada’s engine for growth.The annual rolling strategic plan has one ultimate goal: to grow tourism export revenue for Canada.
Canada is in a powerful position: its stellar reputation abroad puts our country in pole position to take advantage of the world’s insatiable demand for international travel. Canada’s tourism industry opens the doors for other priority sectors. In particular, business tourism stimulates future investment: business travellers get a personal sense of investment opportunities in a country while attending a meeting, conference or exhibition.
Canada is looking to expand its export networks to partners in markets such as Brazil, China and India; increased tourism from the countries will help cement burgeoning trade relationships.
The 2014-2018 Corporate Plan summary details three strategic themes:

  • Generate demand for Canada’s visitor economy
  •  Deliver branded platforms to help Canadian tourism businesses sell Canada and offer international marketplace access
  • Advance corporate excellence and efficiency.

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Source : The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)