Tourisme Montréal’s Social Media Checklist for Event Planners

16 December 2013

Social media has been around for a few years now, so it’s likely that you’ve heard how important an active and engaging social media strategy is for any meeting, convention or event.

However, social media can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t figured out how to integrate it into your existing marketing plan. More than ever, social media plays an essential role in building attendance before an event, engaging attendees, and keeping the conversation alive after it’s over.

Dynamic and intentional social media can also build “buzz” for future events and keep attendees connected until then.

Social Media: An Integrated Piece of the Marketing Puzzle

The secret to a successful social media campaign for an event of any size is to see it as an integral part of your marketing efforts, rather than a separate entity that has to be maintained.

An increasing number of event organizers are using social media to meet their goals. Here are some tips on going social without going crazy.

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Source : Tourisme Montréal