Turning Business Into Pleasure: “Bleisure” Travel Has Arrived

12 January 2018
They’re a hotelier’s favorite guest. A business traveler (whose company is paying for their room and meals) who transforms into a leisure guest after deciding to extend their business trip with extra days reserved just for fun. For the hotel, this means more room nights, higher ADRs and more money spent from one customer. For hotel marketers, it means a new market ripe for the taking. Want to entice your business travelers and meeting attendees to add on extra nights to their corporate stay or conference? Here are some brilliant ways to do that:
  1. Build a Campaign Specifically for Bleisure Travelers: Want to get more corporate travelers to stay longer? Create a special on your hotel website that specifically targets their needs. The Days Inn in Canada created a full marketing campaign called Enjoy Your Bizcation to encourage more bleisure travel.
  2. Send Them Special Offers to Extend Their Stay: One easy way to stimulate bleisure revenue is to include an offer to all guests using a corporate rate code in their reservation. Offer an extension of their corporate rate before and after the business portion of their trip. Send them the offer in advance, as well as during their stay. Deliver an ‘offer letter’ up to their hotel room while they’re already at your hotel, to draw out a spontaneous decision to stay longer.

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