What B2B events need to know about millennials

10 September 2018

Millennials are the generation that people love to over-analyze. But what might surprise you most about this generation is how beneficial they are to B2B events like yours. Ranging in age from 18 to 34, millennials now represent one-third of the national population. And as they increasingly become a part of the business world, B2B events like conferences and trade shows must begin catering to them.

But first, you need to learn who they truly are.

73% of millennials believe that attending a live event is the best way to show other people what they’re interested in

Nearly three quarters of millennials see live events as the primary way to express themselves, in sharp contrast to the 48% of people ages 35 and over who don’t. For soul-searching millennials, experiences are often about identity creation, in addition to escapism.

Take advantage of their desire and encourage these attendees to express themselves on social media. Use a strategic hashtag, livestream your keynote for free, or even create a geofilter to help promote sharing content online. The flux of chatter will introduce new event-goers to your event and, hopefully, inspire them to attend your next one.

Already doing all three? Check out this guide to get more ideas that’ll enable millennials’ urge to share their thoughts and experiences.

75% of millennials feel that participating in or attending a live event is more impactful than taking an action online

While millennials rely heavily on technology, they also strongly believe face-to-face interaction is a key ingredient in promoting positive change. In fact, three out of four agree that a live event trumps digital action, significantly higher compared to 55% of those ages 35 and over.

To appeal to do-gooder millennials, consider partnering with cause-related organizations that relate to your event brand. Their sponsorship can add an extra layer of value to the attendee experience and inspire your passionate attendees.

69% of millennials attend live events to challenge themselves and escape everyday routines

The millennial generation includes a wide range of life stages, from recent college grads to parents with young children. But they all share similar attitudes towards live events – valuing them as a way to break out of routine and challenge themselves.

This means your event listing or website needs to give millennials a glimpse into how your event experience will help them do so. So choose the words on your event page wisely and make sure your event photography captures the vibe of your event and portrays it as a can’t-miss experience.

According to research, the top two places consumers bounce to after visiting event websites are YouTube and Google Images. Why? Because they’re looking for videos and photos that will show them what to expect from your event.

If your event listing or website doesn’t articulate the event experience, you’re you’re forcing them to figure it out themselves – and likely losing sales.

What else do millennials want?

As key drivers of the experience economy, millennials will play a pivotal role in your conference’s success. To gain more insight into this pervasive generation and learn how to meet – or even exceed – their expectations, download 3 Facts Conferences Must Know About Millennials.

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