Work on the Convention Centre Going Smoothly and On Schedule

10 January 2018


The Thetford Convention Centre is located on the La Cache du Domaine site. Opening is expected summer 2018. You can now get information from Carole-Anne Martel at (418) 755-1335 ext. 2212 or by email at

Thetford Mines, December 15, 2017. The construction site for the Thetford Convention Centre is still busy even with the arrival of the cold season and winter conditions. The foundation work as well as a portion of the installation of steel structures has been completed, while the building structure should be finished after the holidays.

“Over the next months the teams will complete work for the internal and external layout, which should be finished by May 2018. At the present time, we are respecting the work schedule and expect to proceed with the opening at the start of summer 2018,” stated the manager of engineering and environment for the City of Thetford Mines, Mr. Daniel Cyr.

“We are very happy with the progress of the work, and would like to thank everyone involved in the project, who are working hard to ensure that the centre can be ready in time for the events planned over the summer. We are looking forward to welcoming our first convention attendees and the arrival of the Quebec Games,” added the mayor of Thetford Mines, Mr. Marc-Alexandre Brousseau.

Urban Planning Service

Additionally, with regards to construction and renovations, the Urban Planning Service reports a very positive situation for the month of November, as a total of 83 permits and certificates with a value of $3,011,494.00 were delivered. “Among the major commercial and institutional worksites, other than the Convention Centre, with work estimated at $6.7 million, we also can highlight the CANAC hardware store, evaluated at $5.5 million.

We also registered considerable investments in the education and health sectors, including the Commission scolaire des Appalaches and the Saint-Louis school, which represent respectively $1.35 million and $1 million, in addition to the work to the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS), which totals $918,000.00,” noted Mrs. Gina Turgeon, director of the Urban Planning Service for the City of Thetford Mines.

The past several months also saw the arrival of the Normandin restaurant on the Boulevard Frontenac. The renovation work on the building during the fall involved investments of $1.6 million.

The City would like to remind residents that want to renovate buildings that they can complete their permit request online on the City of Thetford Mines website in the Citoyens/Urbanisme section. You can also contact the Urban Planning Service for the City of Thetford Mines by dialing (418) 335-2981.

Source: Valérie Lehoux
Communications Advisor | City of Thetford Mines
(418) 335‐2981, ext. 215|