Working abroad is becoming a priority for Canadians when choosing an employer

9 November 2023

Source: Working abroad is becoming a priority for Canadians when choosing an employer, FlightHub, Newswire, November 8th, 2023

Almost half of Canadians (45%) aged 25 to 40 seriously consider combining work and travel abroad. (CNW Group/FlightHub)

Half of those surveyed (47%) assert that foreign work policies would play a role in their decision, a percentage that rises to 63% among Millennials members.

A national survey conducted by the Montreal-based company FlightHub, specialized in travel, revealed a significant shift in the professional landscape. By surveying 2,000 Canadians, this study highlighted a marked evolution in the aspirations of young Canadians. They no longer see employment as the sole means to guarantee their financial stability and career advancement. They now prefer work modes that incorporate travel. Unlike previous generations focused on financial stability and professional advancement, young Quebecers are increasingly embracing the trend of ‘workcations,’ which combines work and leisure.

A desire for new horizons

According to the survey, almost half of Canadians (45%) aged 25 to 40 seriously consider combining work and travel abroad. Some even plan extended stays of several months in international destinations. These participants have clearly expressed their desire for extended travel, defining a duration of 39 days as ideal if they had the opportunity to work from abroad. This shift in vacation preferences underscores the increasing importance placed on leisure and relaxation in the lives of young workers. Reasons mentioned for this trend include the ability to take longer vacations, break from the daily routine, explore new cultures, and visit relatives abroad.

“Workcation”: A synergy of travel and work

A new trend is emerging: ‘workcation’ or hybrid work from foreign destinations. According to the FlightHub survey, 47% of Canadians indicated that a company’s policy on foreign work would influence their choice of employer. This preference is even more pronounced among the younger generation, reaching 63% among Millennials. While 70% of Boomers reject this new work approach, and 43% of this same generation also claim they cannot work while traveling, changes in work habits and the approach to work-related travel are getting clearer.

Travel benefits as perks for employees

In light of the data mentioned above, many companies are looking to attract and retain employees by providing more benefits, including better access to travel services. Christopher Cave, CEO of FlightHub adds: “At FlightHub, we position ourselves as a versatile partner for employers, not only to enable their workforce to work remotely abroad, but also for those encouraging employees to travel during their time off and get the rest they need. Recently, we have introduced a program that allows companies to provide their employees access to travel at preferential rates. Designed to promote a balance between personal and professional life, our proposal aims to make travel more accessible to all and find solutions tailored to all work styles.”

About FlightHub

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