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Centrexpo Cogeco Drummondville

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Téléphone : 819 477-5880 x 204

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550, rue St-Amant
Drummondville (Québec)
J2C 6Z3

Saviez-vous que ?

Centrexpo Cogeco Drummondville primary mission is to provide a place and suitable equipment to welcome fairs, congresses, meetings and other major events.

The main exhibition room can be divided into three rooms of 20,000 sq. ft. and, in addition, one of them is divisible into two parts, both having 10,000 sq. ft. When divided, these two rooms can be used as follow: one as a plenary room and the other as a dining room for groups varying from 300 to 550 people.

On the ground level there is also a hall, available if additional space is needed for registration, coffee brakes, cocktail, or any another type of event.

Four (4) multifunctional meeting rooms are available upstairs. Three (3) of the rooms are divisible (one in three sections and the other two into two sections) for a possibility of eight (8) meeting rooms. One of them (VIP-COGECO room) offers a breathtaking view of the showroom of the ground floor.

The geographical location (in Centre-du-Québec region), free parking, flexible and modern installations, are competitive advantages to consider in your decision taking.

Photos courtesy – small photos : Sébastien Robert