Business Travel Is Booming And Predicted To Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels By Year’s End

3 May 2024
Business travel is set to exceed pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year, fueled by increasing demand from small and medium-sized companies and a revival in key urban centers.

Source: Business Travel Is Booming And Predicted To Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels By Year’s End, Dominic Catacora,All Work, April 29, 2024

Photo credit: All Work’s website

As businesses increasingly prioritize face-to-face meetings over virtual interactions, corporate travel is not only rebounding but is poised to exceed pre-pandemic levels by the end of this year. 

According to a report published by The Wall Street Journal, the revival suggests a rising trend in the workforce, where more workplaces value personal connections and in-person collaboration. 

It’s reported that Southwest Airlines has witnessed a substantial increase in business travel, with revenue from this segment of traveling jumping 25% from the previous year in the first quarter — aligning closely with 2019 figures. However, it’s not just Southwest. Delta and United saw a 14% increase in revenue from corporate accounts, and Alaska Air revealed its corporate travel sales increased 22% in the first quarter. 

Hotel companies are also reported to have seen significant growth in revenue from business travelers.  

The fast rebound of business travel hints at a broader trend towards building personal connections and collaborative work environments. The optimism is further supported by data from the Airlines Reporting Corp., which indicates that while bookings through U.S.-based

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