Sheraton Laval Unveils its $13 Million Renovation Project to Become an Ultra Modern Hotel Complex in the Greater Montreal Area

5 September 2019

The Groupe Hotelier Grand Château will be undertaking major renovation work on its Sheraton Laval hotel over the next two years.

The words : Inspire, Engage and Attract are the values that describe the heart of our renovations, in an effort to reposition the hotel within the community and stay ahead of the present and future trends and in the coming years.

The goal is to return to the hotel industry’s core values of spaces that are open to people and encourage discussions. The hotel’s ergonomics were redesigned on both the interior and exterior by the architecture firm, Provencher Roy and by the interior design firm Massarelli Design, from the reception, to the administrative offices and the entirety of its banquet halls.

The convention center will be expanded by more than 10,000 square feet, including large windows, and its multimedia tools, Wi-Fi systems, lighting, automated soundproof partitions and a modernized sound system.

This reorganization will enable approximately 70 different space configuration possibilities, meeting a wide range of needs and accommodation for upto for 2 to 1,800 guests.

Expanding the spaces, developing an innovative and collaborative work environment, fused with an on-site market offering local goods and creations from our Executive chef Eric Robidoux will enable the Sheraton Laval to diversify its users and respond to an endless variety of requirements.

The Sheraton Laval is undergoing a major makeover, while maintaining our expertise, our team is committed to achieve the highest level of expectation and needs of our customers to attain achieve their full satisfaction.

This $13 million investment will provide a lodging and event experience that perfectly aligns with the changing needs of the customers and the community while embodying the latest trends in design and amenities.

Pictures are available here :
Photos Sheraton Laval


About the Groupe Hotelier Grand Château :

The GHGC owns and manages two renowned hotels in the Laval region as well as a prestigious golf course since more than 25 years. As leaders in the region, the hotel establishments operate in an innovative business development context and manages over 500 employees.

Media relations :
Mylène Gross
Marketing Manager
[email protected]
438 989-8450

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