Transforming Unique Venues Into Event Environments

18 April 2019

We are seeing more events take big leaps into unconventional environments, and it is working like a charm to engage and delight guests. Modern event planners know that an event space itself will shape guests’ experiences, so they are seeking out unconventional event venues and unique spaces to transform. Omnience™ is on the front lines of engaging, exciting corporate events, and we’ve identified what it takes to put the shine on a diamond in the rough.

Unique venues have so many characteristics, especially when looking at warehouse spaces:

  • Exposed brick walls
  • Exposed ceiling structure and systems
  • Concrete or wood floors
  • Open floor plans
  • Tall ceilings
  • History of industrial-era factory

Warehouses are a decidedly modern choice, especially with the vintage-style events that are trending right now. Outdoor event spaces can give an unexpected twist of refreshment for corporate events that typically lean on the conventional, especially given the “festivalization” trend that lends itself to sprawling locales. Event guests want memorable experiences in unique venues-but how do you plan for a space that isn’t built for events? Whether you’re throwing a get-together for 100 or 400 of your friends, Brick is the kind of place where everyone fits in.

Choosing an Unconventional Venue

Since many spaces will be pretty sparse with the amenities, make a “bare minimum” list that you need to have and find a space that can meet it. Don’t sacrifice event quality for a splashy venue. Consider if you will have access to your basic needs, or if it is feasible to bring your own:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Trash receptacles/collection
  • Lighting
  • Electricity
  • Furniture and seating
  • Restrooms

Local suppliers will be your best bet for filling the space with floral design and supplying fresh produce for meal service. Since unconventional venues don’t have event packages or preferred vendors by nature, it is up to you to make reliable connections with vendors.

Transforming the Space

It isn’t your typical venue, so don’t treat it like one. Design the space strategically to amplify its most exciting features. Use draping, printing, and decor to fill the space with visuals and experiences that take advantage of what makes it memorable.

Tie in the event environment to food and beverage. A farm-to-table feast at banquet tables on actual farmland or a tech-driven gastronomy station on an urban parking garage can push your theme even further.

Your venue might not have a traditional foyer, stage, or meeting room, so create one. Utilize various zones to define how the space should be used.

Our minds thrive on novelty, and when you take your guests into an unexpected space, they gain a fresh perspective on where they are, who they’re with, and what they’re learning. Don’t be afraid to seek out hidden gems when searching for a venue; it could just be the crown jewel of your event.

Source : Bizbash

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