5 Trends in Event Organization

29 March 2019

Organizing an event requires to create, reinvent, go beyond expectations in order to offer memorable moments to participants. In your role of event, meeting and convention organizer, you must constantly innovate and think outside the box to find ideas that will create a WOW effect among participants. Here are some recent trends in event organization to help you.

1. Humanize the destination

Personalization is assuredly trendy! Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile so the participants in your event will live memorable experiences. Make them discover the destination through surprising activities, great gourmet dinners, cultural shows or sports events.

2. Bank on originality!

Energize your business events and stand out from the competition by meeting the needs of your clients, even more, surpassing their expectations. Do not hesitate to offer them out-of-the-box experiences. Check six concepts which are quite unique; they were developed by the Simplifiers team at Tourisme Laval. All six concepts will definitely want you to follow the trend!

3. Select local products

More and more people are concerned about their eating habits and their health. They carefully choose what they eat, they seek information about the quality and freshness of products, whenever they are. We suggest you offer a healthy menu to the participants in you event, with some vegetarian and even vegan options. Also make sure to plan menus for those with food intolerances.

4. Choose a minimalist decor

Choose a decor that is simple, with clean lines that contributes to help people concentrate, and absorb and appreciate the wealth of information communicated during your event. Yet, make sure you don’t favour minimalism over comfort. For cocktail hour, make sure you have enough chairs and couches so people can relax.

5. Organize a “green” event

As environment is at the heart of our concerns, you should think in an eco-responsible way when organizing your event. Choose local and organic products, reusable decoration items, and offer services rather than objects as gifts (a free entry to an activity for instance).

Source : Tourisme Laval

Photos : Marché Public 440

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