How hotels can book more meetings & events in 2019

14 May 2019
It’s a challenging time for the meetings and events business, asexpectations among all stakeholders are on the rise.For hotels, securing meetings and events remains an important revenue driver.
Yet it’s no longer enough to simply meet capacity requirements or provide a suitable location. To get the attention of today’s planners, suppliers must understand their customers’ thinking, provide unique meeting experiences, and communicate effectively and quickly. For meeting planners, challenges include finding venues that can take meetings to the next level while staying within budget. To better understand the current landscape, we interviewed 10 industry insiders – including meeting planners, events experts, and hotel executives – and compiled key insights from research across the industry.
Here are some strategies to help you book more meetings and event at your venue : 


Any hotel can offer well-designed guest rooms and a comfortable
meeting space. What gets a meeting planner to walk through a hotel’s doors, and to actually book their business, is the experience offered by the property. Properties that provide experiential environments that take meetings to the next level will impress attendees and make planners look like rock stars.

More than 90 percent of planners think it’s critical or very important to integrate experiences!


Today’s workforce is composed of a broad range of generations. Each age cohort gathers and processes information differently; this creates a stew of potential miscommunication. Meeting planners and suppliers must work together throughout the planning process to make a program successful. This means hoteliers need to provide the right information, at the right time, through the right channels if they hope to stay in the good graces of planners.


As much as meeting planners want to provide mouthwatering food, dazzling entertainment, and enriching content, the amount of money earmarked for a program always dictates what can be spent and what is produced as a result. Hotels that offer visible and competitive pricing will never fail to attract the greater share of repeat business. The good news? “Over half of planners say their event budgets have indeed increased year-over-year, compared with only 32% the year before,” according to Cvent’s 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report.


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